Top 10 Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pets

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As Thanksgiving approaches, we're busy prepping for feasts and decorating our homes to welcome loved ones. And let's not forget our furry pals, who are part of the celebration. This special time calls for making sure our pets stay safe and happy.

While Thanksgiving brings warmth, it can also pose risks for our pets. That's why we've got some unique tips to keep your pets safe and content during the holiday hustle and bustle.

1. Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving Food

Just like us, pets love special treats. But human feast may not be safe for them. Consider preparing a pet-friendly Thanksgiving meal for your furry friends. Avoid giving them turkey skin, bones, or anything with seasoning.

Which Thanksgiving Foods are NOT safe for pets?

  • Turkey (and its bones)
  • Onions and Garlic
  • Chocolate
  • Alcohol
  • Nuts
  • Fatty Foods
  • Candy, gum
  • Bread Dough
  • Seasoned Dishes
  • Desserts

    Consult with your veterinarian before the holidays, and be mindful not to let your pet consume foods that can easily trigger allergies. Communicate with guests in advance not to feed pets and share pet-safe snacks with guests.

    2. Prevent Kitchen Pup Intrusion

    Dogs often can't resist the tempting aromas wafting from the kitchen. Most dogs will try to sneak some food wherever they can find it, so be sure to keep some dangerous foods away from your pets. Consider using baby gates or barriers to keep them safely away. This ensures a stress-free cooking experience while maintaining your pet's well-being.

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    3. Safe Decorations and Plants

    Thanksgiving decor brings warmth, but be pet-aware. Tinsel, ribbons, and ornaments can tempt curious pets, posing choking and digestion risks. Keep decorations out of their reach. Some holiday plants, like poinsettias and mums, are toxic to pets, so opt for artificial ones or place real ones where pets can't access them. If you use candles, watch for pet accidents or consider safer flame-less options.

    4. Conceal Cables and Power Outlets

    Amid the Thanksgiving decorating frenzy, it's crucial to organize cables and secure power outlets. An assortment of cords may attract curious pets, leading to accidental chewing or playful interference. Tidy up and keep these wires out of their reach to prevent injuries and potential electrical hazards. Ensure that power outlets are shielded so pets don't tamper with them, helping to maintain a safe holiday environment.

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    5. Create a Quiet Space

    Set up a designated quiet space and provide your pets with their favorite bed, toys, and a blanket or towel that carries your scent. Familiar items will help them feel more comfortable and secure. If you have guests who want to meet your pets, consider introducing them to your furry friends one at a time and in a calm and controlled manner.

    6. Pet Identification

    Make sure your pets wear collars with ID tags containing their name and your contact information, like your phone number. During the holidays, with guests coming and going, doors may be left open or the yard gate left unsecured. In such moments, your curious cat or adventurous dog might seize a chance for an unplanned adventure, emphasizing the importance of pet identification.

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    7. Pet Nail Care

    Before the Thanksgiving festivities, ensure your pet's nails are trimmed and well-maintained. Shorter nails not only prevent your pet from accidentally scratching you or others during the celebrations but also aid in their overall comfort and safety. Long nails may get caught in fabrics or carpets, potentially causing injuries or discomfort. Regular nail care ensures a paw-sitive and accident-free Thanksgiving for everyone.

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    9. Special Care for Senior Pets

    Keep an eye on your older furry friends during Thanksgiving. Senior pets may be more sensitive to the holiday commotion and changes in routine. Provide them with extra care, a quiet place to rest, and ensure their specific needs are met. They might need more frequent bathroom breaks, additional warmth, or a little extra patience. Thanksgiving is a time to cherish every member of the family, including the senior ones.

    10. Love and Bonding

    If your pet snuggles in your lap, sharing precious moments, whether it's cuddling with your cat or playing with your dog, Thanksgiving is all about cherishing these bonds. These safety tips ensure both a secure environment for your pets and the chance for them to join in the Thanksgiving merriment. It's a time to celebrate with your furry family members while keeping them safe.

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